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Turns Out Being A Small Business Is Scary

By Tim Chrisman

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Here we are, three months into 2020, and we here at Fully Human are learning it is a scary time to be a small business. Now we are spending a lot more time cleaning, and re-cleaning everything (including sanitizing our inventory of Freedom).

We were previously excited about the future of Fully Human, and how our initial product was showing results for our customers. Now we are seeing just how hard it is to be a small business in a time of economic downturn.

Founded by a disabled veteran, Fully Human was never about making an easy ‘buck’. Now however, more than ever, we are focused on making sure our customers and employees can bring their full selves to life even in this crisis.

Speaking of Employees

We are also putting our two cutest employees on notice. Turns out they had historically just laid around the house when we weren’t working from home.
Former management track employee

Now that have transitioned to working from the house we have been finding out they are doing far less work that they report on their timecards.

January’s Employee of the Month

Ok, so maybe the dogs are happier that we pet them more. But they sure are confused when we take their ‘beds’ to do our teleworking.

Maybe it was a mistake to use these two for anything but modeling. We had hoped they would rise above their looks and prove to us they were also hard workers. But alas. They are just too good looking to work hard.

Giving Back

On the serious side. We know that many in our community are having to struggle far more than we are. Because of that we are looking for ways to give back wherever we can.

We here at Fully Human want to recognize you who are on the front line of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. We want to provide you access to Freedom…for free. You are working tirelessly to help the infected recover, and prevent the rest of us from getting sick. Many of working 12+ hour shifts, constantly on the move.

While none of us is qualified to take a shift to help you out – we want to help where we can. Freedom contains powerful anti-oxidant shown to reduce the inflammation caused by constant work and stress.

If you are a healthcare worker, message us and we will get you a free bottle of Freedom, just pay our shipping cost. It can’t get you back the time you are dedicating to serving others, but hopefully it will make that time a little easier.

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