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Pain Is Temporary – An Athlete’s Review

By Tim Chrisman
Anti-inflammation | Exercise | Freedom | Natural | Pain Reduction | Science

As a former professional athlete, the term, “Pain is Temporary” has always resonated with me.

After a career-ending hip injury that led to surgery that left traces of movement-limiting pain long after the recovery period. The “pain” seemed very real, while the “temporary” didn’t—turning to “almost always”.

Enter Fully Human

With an all-natural ingredient approach, this anti-inflammation is purposefully designed to target my inflammation. Inflammation that has been around for years (although it seems like forever)—from my back to my hip to my entire lower body.

Over the years, I’ve taken supplement after supplement and pain-killer alike, just to aid with the pain and grit through a post-pro-athlete workout. However, the truth is, most of the time, I don’t even really know what’s in it. I can say with full confidence, however, that I know exactly what’s in Fully Human’s Freedom.

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to trust this supplement.

Freedom has all-natural compounds designed to work with my body, using my body’s processes in a completely holistic way. It really is jam-packed with power.

And when I say it packs a punch, I’m not kidding. You can literally taste the spice after taking each of these pills. And although I find they were a bit on the bigger side, after reading all the ingredients in just one pill, there’s no secret as to why! It’s the perfect inflammation-fighting formula to help reduce pain.

It helped me go from kicking butt on the field to aching every time I kicked, to kicking inflammation in the face.


If you’re a former athlete who has been through surgeries or been told by a medical professional that you’re just going to have to learn to live with pain, don’t give up. I recommend Freedom as a natural alternative to get your life back on track and your pain under control.

About Me:

Adriana Rodrigues is a former professional soccer player. After a successful soccer career, she shifted her focus instead on pursuing her passions as a freelance writer. She specializes in writing in the realms of sports, health, and fitness.

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