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Is It Working Yet?

By Tim Chrisman
Nutrition | Supplements | Timing

How long does it usually take to notice a difference after taking a supplement? 

This is one of the top searches on most health websites, which only makes sense, as you purchased a supplement in hopes of feeling better and would like to know exactly when this “feeling better” business is going to begin.

However, this seemingly simple question has a fairly complex answer.


First and foremost, for our purposes here, let’s define “starts working” as you feeling better and the signs and symptoms you were feeling prior to supplementation beginning to noticeably dissipate.

The time it takes to see a difference depends on what’s in the supplement. If you’re lacking in minerals and nutrients, it can take a few days for supplements to kick in. Generally speaking, it takes around three to six weeks for long-term changes to begin to take effect.

That said, here’s how you can figure out how long it takes for a supplement to kick in:

Factor 1: Severity Of Deficiency

The biggest factor that dictates how long it takes before a supplement kicks in is how deficient you are to begin with.

Let’s say nutrient stores are like pools. If your pool is empty, it’s going to take longer to fill than if your pool is half or mostly full.

Factor 2: Supplement Dosage

The next factor is how much of the supplement you are taking. Going back to our pool, it’s half full, but if you’re only putting in a 5-gallon bucket each day, it’s going to take a very long time to fill. And that’s not counting what the sun will evaporate! If you get sick of the pool never filling, you might give up altogether.

Conversely, if you break some laws to steal a firehose and hook that bad boy up to the hydrant out front of your house, you’re probably going to cause some damage to yourself, the pool, a few lawn gnomes, the siding along the house and everything else insight. Plus, you’ll have some reckoning to do with the law.

Taking mega-dosages of supplements is NEVER a good idea. You can reach toxic levels of even water-soluble supplements, and anyone trying to tell you otherwise could probable benefit from a course or two in molecular biology.

Factor 3: Absorption Rate

In a way, this goes along with factor two, supplement dosage, but it’s also its own thing.

Dosage and absorption rates are basically sibling factors. The body can only absorb so much at a time, like how you can only drink so much water at a time.

Drinking 8 to 10 cups of water throughout the day is totally doable and makes you feel awesome. Drinking 8 to 10 cups of water all at once is a sure trip to Vomitville.

Take iron deficiency as an example. Generally iron supplements are slow release because iron is a metal. Asking your body to absorb metal — especially a lot at once — is a big request.

Sure, we need it to survive, but it’s still a metal. Throwing a bunch in at once is going to make you feel sick because your cells are all like, “Dude! We only have so many receptor sites, and converting iron takes time! We cannot work under these conditions.”

This is why taking mega-dosages are a waste of time and money. They’re also potentially very dangerous to you and the aforementioned metaphorical lawn gnomes.

Fully Human’s Method

At Fully Human we start with ultra-potent herbs and spices, or put less nerdy, herbs that are purified to the point where your body can easily absorb them. We then blend the ingredients together at the clinically-effective dose. In pharmacology that is defined as a “dose or concentration of a compound that produces a biological response.”

This combination maximizes the sibling factors of dosage and absorption, allowing Freedom to work with your body to achieve quicker results.

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