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I Found The Best…A Nutritionist Coach’s Perspective

By Tim Chrisman
Blended supplement | Cayenne | Curcumin | Freedom | Inflammation | Science | Turmeric

As a Venice Nutritionist Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Movement and Corrective Exercise Specialist, I also specialize in finding and recommending the best for my clients—whether it’s through personal training or advising on nutrition.

From the ingredient list to the application of the supplement, the all-natural, FDA-approved approach to Fully Human’s Freedom has my confidence in bringing out the benefits of inflammation reduction and control.

With Cayenne and Turmeric leading the fight on inflammation, these two powerful, active ingredients both have anti-inflammatory properties that have been studied to reduce inflammation throughout the body and alleviate pain.

Centered with antioxidants as its main ingredient, cayenne has been used throughout history as a natural form of medicine for even some of the most acute pain.

And if Cayenne is the star, I think Turmeric has the supporting role that just as equally stole the show. This anti-inflammatory herb is great for workout-related pain. Curcumin, the main ingredient of turmeric, fights the negative effects of free radicals.

Black pepper also spices up your inflammation system. Since it contains piperine, this can help with more acute inflammation and can clear up your system using its antibacterial properties.

Side-note: As I did find the pills to be quite big in size, I would recommend perhaps cutting them in half for those who don‘t feel comfortable with it. That way, you can get all the benefits of the long-list of all-natural ingredients without missing out on any of them—especially: cayenne and turmeric.


If you’re looking for an all-natural supplement that can help support a healthy lifestyle, the Freedom supplement by Fully Human has my support in being an FDA-approved addition to your daily regimen.

I would recommend speaking to your doctor directly about your medical history before implementing any supplement into your routine.

About Me

Hortencia Rodrigues is an ACE and NASM-certified personal trainer with a passion for helping others. She also is a Venice Nutritionist Coach, certified Personal Trainer, and Movement and Corrective Exercise Specialist.

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