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Acute Inflammation Recovery Supplement


Acute Inflammation Recovery Supplement


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90 tablets = 30-day supply


Liberty is a powerful, plant-based anti-inflammatory supplement designed to keep you active. Its eight all-natural ingredients are combined into one patented, pharmaceutical-grade pill, clinically proven to work with your body to prevent and fight acute inflammation.

Try risk free for 30 days!

Why Liberty?

Why Liberty?

Whether you’re training for a marathon, working a physically demanding job, or managing the effects of age-related inflammation (“inflammaging”), Liberty offers a proactive, natural approach to better recovery, acting fast to:

  • Reduce acute inflammation that slows you down
  • Increase endurance for demanding physical activity
  • Combat occasional inflammation caused by stress or poor diet
  • Prevent long-term effects of inflammation

How to Take Liberty?

Liberty works quickly by providing a manageable daily dosage of eight anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Three pills, once a day is the best way to support inflammation recovery. Each bottle provides a month’s worth of supplements.

Life With Liberty

Life With Liberty

We believe that Liberty can make a difference, supporting the path to a stronger, healthier you. Here’s an example of that journey based on Liberty shoppers’ feedback.

  • Week 1
    You notice less aches after a tough training or work day.

  • Week 4
    You need less recovery time and are able to fit in an extra day of training or have more energy on the job.

  • Week 6
    Your overall performance and endurance has improved.

Ingredients Backed by Research

Devil's Claw Root
Boswellia Serrata
Ginger Root
White Willow Bark

This Liberty - Healthy Inflammatory Response Supplement has been helpful in relieving my joint pain and inflammation in my hands and knees.…It is easy to take and easy on my stomach as well. I have felt a gradual lifting of the constant achiness in my joints, so I feel that it is working. I like this supplement and will continue to use it indefinitely.

Heidi Sullivan

Questions About Liberty

Acute inflammation plays a vital role in healing, but when inflammation happens regularly and often, it can damage healthy tissue and contribute to symptoms that lead to downtime and long-term effects. Learn more about inflammation here.
It depends on your current condition and level of pain. That said, some customers experience pain relief as quickly as an hour after their first full dose. Most report a decrease in pain and/or increase in mobility by the end of the first week.
Liberty is $36.99/bottle and includes a month’s worth of supplements, which works out to about $1.23/day. We’ve formulated Liberty to deliver the high dosage of inflammation-fighting ingredients that we’ve found most effective for quicker recovery.

This might mean more pills and a higher price tag, but we think results matter most. And remember, if you’re not satisfied, we offer a full 30-day refund.
Research has shown that individuals with use-based inflammation (exercise-induced, osteoarthritis, etc.) see best results from taking Liberty in the morning or early afternoon. Those with autoimmune-based inflammation (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis) benefit most from a dose in the late afternoon or evening.
In short, yes. Liberty is most effective when used as a daily tool. That said, it doesn’t need to be taken all at once. Some customers find they get more benefit from splitting the dose throughout the day. We suggest finding what works best for your body.
Liberty is ideal for those with acute inflammation that want to stay active and boost recovery time, like athletes and people with physically demanding jobs or age-related inflammation (“inflammaging”).

Freedom helps those experiencing chronic inflammation, which usually shows up as long-term inflammatory health conditions or regular joint pain.
All studies indicate that Liberty’s ingredients are well tolerated for extended periods of time.

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