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Chronic Inflammation Relief Supplement


Chronic Inflammation Relief Supplement


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Number of tablets
270 tablets = 30-day supply


Freedom is a powerful, plant-based supplement designed to offer relief from the pain and symptoms of chronic inflammation. Its eight all-natural ingredients are combined into one patented, pharmaceutical-grade pill, clinically proven to work with your body to help heal inflammation.


Why Freedom?

Why Freedom?

Whether you’re coping with underlying health conditions or a persistent injury, it’s likely that you’re familiar with the symptoms of chronic inflammation. Freedom offers a better way to find relief, acting fast to:

  • Reduce chronic inflammation and pain
  • Promote joint health, enabling better mobility
  • Prevent long-term effects of inflammation

How to Take Freedom?

Freedom works quickly by providing a powerful dosage of eight natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Three pills, three times a day is the best way to support inflammation relief. Each bottle provides a month’s worth of supplements.

Life With Freedom

Life With Freedom

We believe that Freedom can make a difference, supporting the path to a stronger, healthier you. Here’s an example of that journey based on Freedom shoppers’ feedback.

  • Week 1
    You reach a bit further or move a little more before any pain shows up.

  • Week 2
    You skip a couple doses of your regular pain medicine.

  • Month 1
    Your joints just agreed to move easier than they have in a year.

  • Month 2
    The regular pain you used to feel has reduced significantly.

Ingredients Backed by Research

Devil's Claw Root
Boswellia Serrata
Ginger Root
White Willow Bark

“I bought this product expecting perhaps minor relief from my back pain, which has been a constant for the past year and steadily worsening. I was truly shocked at how quickly it worked … after just two doses I had nearly zero pain. I have been taking it religiously for a week now and have no inflammation in my lower back. Please try it for yourself!”

Alan F., January 2021

Questions About Freedom

Inflammation plays a vital role in healing, but when inflammation lingers it becomes chronic, damaging healthy tissue and contributing to persistent pain and a wide range of symptoms. Learn more about inflammation here.
It depends on your current condition and level of pain. That said, some customers experience pain relief as quickly as an hour after their first full dose. Most report a decrease in pain and/or increase in mobility by the end of the first week.
Freedom is $79.99/bottle and includes a month’s worth of supplements, which works out to about $2.66/day. We’ve formulated Freedom to deliver the high dosage of inflammation-fighting ingredients that we’ve found most effective for quick relief.

This might mean more pills and a higher price tag, but we think results matter most. And remember, if you’re not satisfied, we offer a full 30-day refund.
We recommend taking Freedom in three doses, three times a day. It’s best to separate doses by at least four hours to maximize ingredient absorption. Freedom can be taken with or without food, but some customers find that taking it with a meal helps create the habit.
In short, yes. Freedom’s ingredients build up in your body to reduce chronic inflammation, so taking the full dose three times a day will lead to the most improvement.
Freedom is designed to help those experiencing chronic inflammation, which usually shows up as long-term inflammatory health conditions or regular joint pain.

Liberty is more appropriate for those with acute inflammation that want to stay active and boost recovery time, like athletes and people with physically demanding jobs or age-related inflammation (“inflammaging”).
All studies indicate that Freedom’s ingredients are well-tolerated for extended periods of time.

Shopper Reviews for Freedom (13)

  1. Kevin

    My wife started taking it for inflammation in her right knee and right shoulder, for which it worked wonders. She recently started exercising again for the first time in years, and it appears to be helping with recovery time from her workouts as well.

  2. Deborah Martin

    I have osteoporosis in both knees. I’m told it is “bone on bone,” and I am in pain most days. Fully Human supplements seem to reduce the pain to the point that I can be active in the classroom, bike, and simply get up from a sitting position without feeling unstable. Great product. I plan to continue using it for the foreseeable future!

  3. Scott Pedersen

    Wow! I’ve had epidural steroid injections that don’t work as well as this. I’m not kidding. I’ve had horrible low back pain for a long time. Freedom helped so much. I can finally sleep thru the night and I’m not constantly thinking about back pain during the day!!!!!

  4. Charity Dawn MacPharlain

    I have inflammation from arthritis like many others but also from a disorder called MCAS that causes my mast cells to go haywire. Much to my surprise, this product seems to be calming down the inflammation from the arthritis and normal inflammation, but it also seems to be calming my mast cells down. A very nice side effect. Not exactly surprising as the ingredients show promise in treating MCAS for those who can take the mixture. My pain is down and I just broke my tailbone last week. I was gifted my first bottle but you can believe I will be a continuing customer. It is amazing to find a natural product that can give so much relief.

  5. Grant Reid

    Yes, pricey and would be fantastic if it were to be a little more affordable. In saying that, it works, and ultimately cheaper than spending hundreds of dollars on PT/chiropractic/dry needling/acupuncture etc. with next to no results. If you have ongoing inflammation/body pain issues, I highly recommend you give this product a try.

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