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Vegan Certification...What Is That?

Vegan on one hand, plant based on the other So what is the difference between a supplement being plant-based, and ...

Natural | Nutrition

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Freedom...A Dietitian Review

After reviewing the scientific evidence, I feel confident as a Registered Dietitian to recommend Freedom as a high quality and ...

Absorption | Antioxidant | Arthritis

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Synergy...Not Just A Fancy Word

Synergy is when a group is greater than its parts. Fighting inflammation requires a synergistic blend of lifestyle, diet, exercise, ...

Anti-inflammation | Blended supplement | Boswellia

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Load Up

Nutritional loading is simply a nutritional strategy to increase a nutrient in your body above its normal amount. Find out ...

Anti-inflammation | Combat inflammation | Diet

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Freedom's Evidence. A Doctor's Review

Freedom is a blend of eight all-natural herbs optimized for reducing inflammation in the body. I reviewed the scientific evidence ...

Boswellia | Bromelain | Cayenne

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Is It Working Yet?

How long does it usually take to notice a difference after taking a supplement?  This is one of the ...

Nutrition | Supplements | Timing

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Timing is Everything

The time of day matters for when you take your supplements or medication, and that time varies depending on the ...

Anti-inflammation | Freedom | Fully Human

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Labels...What Are They Good For?

Vitamin absorption depends on how the compound breaks down in your body. How does it work?

Nutrition | Supplements | Vitamin B

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How to read....nutritional research edition

About twice a week my news-feed has some story about a new research study that completely invalidates the old line. “...

Anti-inflammation | Nutrition | Science

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