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Pain Is Temporary - An Athlete's Review

If you’re a former athlete who has been through surgeries (even multiple) or have been told by a medical ...

Anti-inflammation | Exercise | Freedom

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Vegan Certification...What Is That?

Vegan on one hand, plant based on the other So what is the difference between a supplement being plant-based, and ...

Natural | Nutrition

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Freedom...A Dietitian Review

After reviewing the scientific evidence, I feel confident as a Registered Dietitian to recommend Freedom as a high quality and ...

Absorption | Antioxidant | Arthritis

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Potent Alternative To Prescriptions

Freedom is a formula that includes some of the best and well-studied nutraceuticals to counter inflammatory processes from multiple angles. 

Absorption | Anti-inflammation | Blended supplement

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Cinnamon...The One Spice To Rule Them All

Heard of the cinnamon challenge? No? Oh, well good. It was a fad going around the internet a few years ...

Anti-inflammation | Arthritis | Blended supplement

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A Spicy Solution

Do you like spicy foods? I don’t. But science says cayenne pepper is good for something other than making ...

Anti-inflammation | Back pain | Capsaicin

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The Ginger Way

Ginger has long been used as a spice, and a herbal remedy - but is there science to back up ...

Anti-inflammation | Carminative | Ginger

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The Little Things

Turns out doing the little things well again and again is the stuff legends are made of. If only I ...

Anti-inflammation | Freedom | Natural

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Its Time for Indian Takeout

If you are at all like me (which lets be honest you probably are because you are 1. reading | 2. a human | 3. ...

Anti-inflammation | Blood sugar | Curcumin

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