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Pain Is Temporary - An Athlete's Review

If you’re a former athlete who has been through surgeries (even multiple) or have been told by a medical ...

Anti-inflammation | Exercise | Freedom

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Eating Your Way to Immortality with The How Not to Die Cookbook

Food That Prioritizes Health Have you ever been scrolling through social media, when one of those snazzy cooking videos starts ...

Anti-inflammation | Cookbook review | Inflammation

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Synergy...Not Just A Fancy Word

Synergy is when a group is greater than its parts. Fighting inflammation requires a synergistic blend of lifestyle, diet, exercise, ...

Anti-inflammation | Blended supplement | Boswellia

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Potent Alternative To Prescriptions

Freedom is a formula that includes some of the best and well-studied nutraceuticals to counter inflammatory processes from multiple angles. 

Absorption | Anti-inflammation | Blended supplement

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A Health and Wellness Coach's View of Freedom

I am confident Freedom provides a safe dosage of the highest quality natural ingredients from a potent blend of herbal ...

Absorption | Anti-arthritis | Anti-inflammation

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Load Up

Nutritional loading is simply a nutritional strategy to increase a nutrient in your body above its normal amount. Find out ...

Anti-inflammation | Combat inflammation | Diet

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Black Pepper...A Booster For All

The Short Version Black pepper…yes…the spicy ingredient made of ground (or I suppose technically whole) peppercorns. And peppercorns ...

Absorption | Anti-inflammation | Black pepper

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White Willow Bark

The Short Version White willow bark, the bark of several varieties of willow tree, has been used for centuries as ...

Anti-arthritis | Anti-inflammation | Back pain

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Timing is Everything

The time of day matters for when you take your supplements or medication, and that time varies depending on the ...

Anti-inflammation | Freedom | Fully Human

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Cinnamon...The One Spice To Rule Them All

Heard of the cinnamon challenge? No? Oh, well good. It was a fad going around the internet a few years ...

Anti-inflammation | Arthritis | Blended supplement

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Bromelain - Pineapple's Better Half

Bromelain is a natural substance derived from pineapples. It has been studied extensively and may have significant, positive effects on ...

Anti-arthritis | Anti-inflammation | Blended supplement

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Turmeric vs Inflammation

Turmeric, also known as the golden spice, is a well known anti-inflammatory herb. Turmeric’s active components, curcuminoids, are powerful ...

Anti-arthritis | Anti-inflammation | C3 Complex

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A Spicy Solution

Do you like spicy foods? I don’t. But science says cayenne pepper is good for something other than making ...

Anti-inflammation | Back pain | Capsaicin

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Boswellia vs Knee Arthritis

Boswellia reduces inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis (OA) symptoms, but can it also reverse osteoarthritis’ progression? Lets find out. In 2018 ...

Anti-arthritis | Anti-inflammation | Boswellia

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The Ginger Way

Ginger has long been used as a spice, and a herbal remedy - but is there science to back up ...

Anti-inflammation | Carminative | Ginger

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Devil's Claw - A Hero Herb

Devil’s claw, known to nerds as Harpagophytum procumbens, owes its ominous name to its fruit, which bears several small, ...

Anti-arthritis | Anti-inflammation | Cytokines

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A Question of Potency

What is the difference between the turmeric, ginger or black pepper you buy at the grocery store and what you ...

Anti-arthritis | Anti-inflammation | Bromelain

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The Little Things

Turns out doing the little things well again and again is the stuff legends are made of. If only I ...

Anti-inflammation | Freedom | Natural

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How to read....nutritional research edition

About twice a week my news-feed has some story about a new research study that completely invalidates the old line. “...

Anti-inflammation | Nutrition | Science

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Its Time for Indian Takeout

If you are at all like me (which lets be honest you probably are because you are 1. reading | 2. a human | 3. ...

Anti-inflammation | Blood sugar | Curcumin

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